The Aerial Cartographic and Remote Sensing Association deals with the history of aerial photography and airborne remote sensing and quests for pertinent documents of flight and the instrumental relics applied to create maps and conduct thematic surveys. It also assembles and helps institutions, companies and individuals dealing with airborne remote sensing and photography using aircrafts, helicopters or unmannedaerial vehicles (UAVs). All these are intended to be achieved through effective information sharing, legal assistance according to actual opportunities, and developing community life.

The Association’s Data

The Association's name: Aerial Cartographic and Remote Sensing Association

The Association's abbreviated name: ACRSA

The Association's headquarters: H-6630 Mindszent, Köztársaságtér 2/1., Hungary

The Association's field of activity: International

The Association's website: www.acrsa.org

The Association's legal status: The Aerial Cartographic and Remote Sensing Association is created voluntarilyasa self-governing organization which was formed for the purposes specified in the Statutes.

Excerpt from the articles of association concerning the membership and the organisational structure of the association